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Butyl Propionate


Solvents have a significant use in many industries for a variety of purposes. Butyl propionate is a solvent that has a moderately fast evaporation rate. In addition to its evaporation rate, this substance works well for the reduction of viscosity, as well as the diffusion of coating films. This product can also be used for research processes. When you order this product from us, you can count on receiving a high-quality product that will meet all your needs.




There are a wide variety of uses for this solvent. Butyl propionate is mainly used in applications for painting and similar processes. Some of the most common products that make use of this solvent include automotive refinishing, coatings for appliances, enamel paints, lacquer paints, EOM coatings and cleaning fluids. Because of the quick evaporation rate, the addition of this product can help make these paints and finishes dry more quickly, making it easier to use.




Understanding the features of butyl propionate can help you choose whether this is the proper product for your processes. One of the most important features of this product is its stronger solvency and appropriate volatility that makes it the perfect choice for high solids coatings. It also offers a low level of odor, a non-hazardous air pollution rating and high electrical resistance, which makes it a good product to use both indoors and out. We offer this product in large quantities, allowing you to use it to speed up the drying of paints and other solutions.



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